Saturday, November 8, 2008

led zeppelin IV released 38 years ago, november 8: included "stairway to heaven"

hard to believe it was 38 years ago today, november 8, 1971, that led zeppelin released its 4th album (also referred to as zoso). among the classics on that fantastic album was "stairway to heaven" today, it is still the 3rd largest selling album in history!

even more recently, drove up to danvers yesterday. it was a traffic filled, almost 5 hour drive. to cap off that wonderful travel, i was stuck in a smoking room - ugh. nothing like sleeping it what could double as an ashtray to get you in the proper mood for an ultra! seriously, it only reinforced my disgust for smoking and all things smoking-related.

about to head downstairs to the lobby for a special early morning breakfast. hope to see a bunch of fellow stone cat participants there: emmy, nick, barbara, hiro, and yuki to name a quick few. the races begin at 6:15 - more later....

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