Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving!


thanksgiving day is one of my favorite holiday - especially since it's always been associated with such great meals! thanksgiving dinner has always been a big production at our home. it kicks off with the decidedly un-american lasagna, before we settle in for the traditional roast turkey spread :D

as in years past, i'll start this morning with a road race. today will be a quick trip over to greenwich for the gateway gobbler 6 miler. then i'll rush back home to get the turkey in the oven. in years past i've also done 5 milers in purchase and southport, but this race is the closest now that the purchase 5 miler is gone. then my mom and katie will construct the lasagna, and dinner will be on the table mid-afternoon. after dinner my brother and i will watch a little football on t.v. - the dallas game in particular.

today wine of choice is zinfandel, the distinctly american varietal. and a variety of other libations to round out the adult beverages.


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