Saturday, November 8, 2008

stone cat trail races: photos and results

what a great day for trail running! i finished the stone cat trail marathon in 4:04:05 - an hour faster than last year! emmy, yuki, wayne, scott, carrie, chrissie, and kim all fdid the 50 miler. nick did the 37.5 miler. and ian did the marathon.

here is my race report.

here are some race photos:

pre-race: gym

pre-race: scott, emmy, me, and yuki.

pre-race: music!

pre-race: wayne.

pre-race: hiro, yuki, wayne, and emmy.

pre-race: briefing.

me - finished!

post-race: ian ("trail monster") and me.

mid-race: emmy.

mid-race: emmy.

mid-race: carrie ("movingon").

mid-race: nick.

mid-race: hiro, about to pace yuki on final loop.

mid-race: wayne.

mid-race: chrissie.

mid-race: barbara and emmy.

post-race: kim.

two choices: ipswich ipa and ipswich pale ale!

burgers, soup and some great hot food!

check out emmy's race report and photos.
check out scott's race report and photos.

update: race results posted.


Pam said...

Congrats Frank and everyone else. Guess I should never had thought you'd take a break after last weekend. But, a marathon is simply a warm up for people like you, right?

GO BIG BLUE tonight!

AnthonyP said...

Congrats and great pics. Gotta love that Ipswich beer.

Scott said...

It was great to see ya. Nice job on the run.

Thanks for all the post race help. I was beat and appreciated you rounding stuff up for me.

rundangerously said...

thanks pam! big blue went to philly and won last night - woo hoo! i missed the game :( but got to see an awesome dso show w/rob instead!

thank anthony!

no problem scott! it was great hanging out w/you and your running buddies (great guys). keep us posted on your plans for the catskills run.

UltraBrit said...

Still no race report?!?!?! Can you believe that I posted my MADD Dash race report from Sunday before you have posted this one! I think you're slacking off here!
Seriously, great job in the race Frank. You guys never cease to amaze me. I'm hoping to join you in some easier trail ultras in the very near future.