Wednesday, November 12, 2008

cody brewing company, danvers, massachusetts

as i mentioned in my stone cat race report, following the race emmy indulged me in my quest to find some stone cat ale. we got directions to kappy's liquor store - where i did, in fact, manage to score a 12 pack of stone cat seasonal brews (4 pumpkin, 4 octoberfest, and 4 i.p.a.) - from none other than sean cody (owner and brewmaster of cody brewing)!

here i am presenting the problem - where do they sell this illusive stuff?

sean cody. you can get stone cat anywhere in danvers - but a sure bet is kappy's liquor store (which just happened to be on our way to i-95 and the drive home)!

emmy models her 50 miler finishers jacket while i'm in the marathon finisher's pull-over! all smiles because she just assured me she could absolutely, positively, find kappy's!

the beer i had at cody's was not unfortunately, one of cody's own brews. the brewery had to shut down production for the last couple of months while relocation of the facilities is underway.

instead, i tried a draft unibroue ephemere. truly unbelievably good stuff! this was a fruit beer, with sour apple flavor - trust me, it tasted great. it was, in fact, the perfect follow-up to the ipswich i.p.a. and pale ale that i had tried earlier in the day.

yes, virginia, there really is bottled stone cat beer :D


UltraBrit said...

Great race and report Frank! Congrats on running it so much faster than last year. Sounds like it was a lot of fun, besides the smokey room and the traffic.

johnking said...

got a light??? congrats on the trail marathon. I am slowly but surely running again. My buddy from WI is coming intown and we are going out on the town to try a few new microbrews!

rundangerously said...

thanks kate!

thanks john!