Thursday, November 20, 2008

le beaujolais nouveau est arrive: taste some young french wine today

in my excitement over the great american smokeout, i completely forgot - but only momentarily - that beaujolais nouveau arrives today! what a wonderful confluence of events - smokers going cold turkey today in pursuit of 24 blissful smokeless hours ease that passage with a glass (or two, or three) of newly the arrive beaujolais nouveau.

for non-smokers, "it's beaujolais nouveau time" is a great excuse to taste some french wine on a thursday ;) - the official release date is currently the 3rd thursday of november.


update: i had planned to pick up a bottle of beaujolais nouveau on my way home from work yesterday. imagine my surprise when i walked into zachy's (right across the street from the train station) and was told they hadn't received their shipment yet (a small blemish on their otherwise perfect reputation for anything and everything wine connected)! not to worry, plan b was the wine store across town. it was on my way over to the middle school to pick up katie and her friend from cheer leading practice - so i stopped in an picked up a bottle there.

what's a good food choice to pair this young, fruity wine with for dinner? pizza come to mind. and that's what our dinner was: pizza (w/anchovies) and beaujolais nouveau on a cold thursday night. oh, just to be on the cautious side (health and calorie-wise), i got my 6 mile training run before uncorking the bottle and picking up the pie :D

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Just_because_today said...

nothing but the very best! pizza, pie and wine...and the 6 mile run. perfect