Sunday, November 16, 2008

race to deliver, 4 miler: photos and results

just got back from the race to deliver in central park. had toyed with the idea of running this one, but decided the 10k on deck (terry ryan memorial run) for this afternoon will be enough for one day. and i have other plans (the lazy boy saloon) for the saved race day entry fee ;)

instead, took some pictures and cheered on my friends. emmy, art, sue (and her boys), sal, and hiro were in the race. sal actually paced an achilles runner for the race (after he did the knickerbocker 60k yesterday). i didn't get photos of sal or hiro, but did get some of emmy, sue, and art.

sue and emmy took first and second, respectively, in their age group!!

emmy and art, pre-race.

waiting at finishers tape: star jones at left.

overall winner.

first woman finisher.

sue, finishing.

emmy, finishing.

sue and emmy, post-race.

emmy and art, post-race.

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CTmarathoner said...

good photos -especially of the winners and art and were smart to hold off until the afternoon-it was crowded on the course-but--was able to draft away from headwind..both Sue's boys ran the 4 miler at a 10 minute pace! and together they collected, as a reward, a ton of bagels:)