Wednesday, November 19, 2008

tweaking the november/december race schedule

last week, when i put together my race calender for the rest of the year, this weekend was left open because (a) i had gotten closed out of the jfk 50 miler and, (b) on sunday we celebrate my mom's 70'th birthday! now, in addition to lunch with my mom on sunday, since my mother-in-law is in town this weekend, we'll have lunch with her on saturday!

so what's an obsessed road runner to do with an open weekend and a pair of lunch plans? find a couple of short, local races to get a head start on burning off all those extra calories :D on saturday i'll run the nyack 10k (and then head over to norwalk for lunch) and on sunday i'll run the mamaroneck 5 miler (and then drive down to brooklyn for lunch). i've done both of those races, multiple times, over the years - and each is runner friendly and fun.

for something new and completely different, i added the pearl harbor masters 5 miler in waterford, ct, the following month. it's an afternoon race, so i can still run the jingle bell jog 3 miler in the morning with katie and then get to the 5 miler later that day. if i pull off that double, i can have an extra glass of egg nog in celebration :D


Just_because_today said...

a low mileage weekend is not a bad idea after all the long distance running you do. Enjoy dinner with your family and the races.
I wonder how much money you spend on racing...phew!

bill carter said...

I know the feeling. I have to get my "running fix" or I just don't feel right.

Best of luck with the racing and enjoy the nog.