Sunday, November 30, 2008

giants plaxico buress accidently shoots himself in his right thigh!

just hours after the giants announced plaxico buress would miss the washington redskins game because of an aggravated hamstring injury, buress shot himself in the right thigh while at the latin quarter bar in new york city! the details are still sketchy, but news reports had him at the bar with his wife and two other giant players - and report the gun shot was not serious (the bullet passed through his thigh without hitting the bone or major arteries).

this incident just adds to his season of self-centered and/or erratic behavior. it began with his threat to sit out mini-camp and miss training camp entirely because of he was upset with his contract (believing he was underpaid). he did show up at the pre-season camps. then he was suspended for 2 weeks (missing a game in the process) and fined a week's salary for ignoring team rules. then, in another incident, the nfl fined him $45,000 because of his behavior at the game against san francisco! phew!

police made two trips to his home in new jersey and were unable to speak with him about the shooting. the first time his wife, it was reported, refused them entry. the second time, no one appeared to be home. depending on the circumstances, buress could face criminal charges for possession of the weapon. he may also face various disciplinary and conduct related charges from both the giants and nfl over the shooting.

isn't it about time the giants decided it was time to trade him, release him, or find some way to make plexico buress an ex-giant?!

UPDATE: plaxico burress surrendered at the 17th precinct in midtown manhattan this morning to face a charge of criminal possession of a handgun.

FINAL UPDATE: on friday, april 3, 2009, the giants officially released placixo burress!

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