Sunday, November 9, 2008

beachfront bushwack 5 miler: race photos and results

just got back from the beachfront bushwack. what a great sunny, warm day to be outside for a run! todd's point is one of the greatest places in fairfield county to run, for fun or speed! while this particular x-country course is a bit hilly - it's incredibly scenic.

i had planned to run this with katie - but, this weekend, girl scout activities took priority. still, i had plenty of company on the course - john, rob, francoise, and darcy, to name a few. i finished in 36:38, and had a blast charging over the tree stumps and bales of hay :D

here are some race photos. will add link to results when they're posted.

mickey (race director) and john.

jim (second from right) scoring the race.

rob and darcy, at the start.

john and francoise, at the start.

francoise, finishing.

john, finishing.

john, post-race.

hugo and francoise, post-race.

john checks the results.

during the award ceremony parrots flew over the crowd and settled in the tree branches to watch us!

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