Thursday, November 20, 2008

the great american smokeout - quit smoking today!

the 3rd thursday in november is the great american smokeout - currently celebrating its 31st year since the first one was organized by the american cancer society in 1977!

if you know a smoker (hopefully, you don't smoke) - have him join the smokeout today. the challenge of the great american smokeout is simple - and straightforward - go 24 hours without a cigarette. having accomplished that first objective, the participant may then decide to stop smoking entirely, and become an ex-smoker!

if you, unfortunately, smoke - decide today, go cold turkey - QUIT NOW!

in new york, check out this state-sponsored quitsite. there are many organizations promoting this event - including many that will provide free or low-cost nicotine patches to participants.

even if only one person kicks the habit today - it's a start!


Michael said...

I think that the best gift I ever gave my kids was not being a cigarette smoker.

CTmarathoner said...

I am reading a book called 'When the Crocodile meets the sun',about Peter Godwin's (a journalist for the BBC and a well-known writer)childhood/adulthood in South many photos show him and his father smoking .. his father died of Emphysima (sp)...he should know better. He lives in NYC now with 2 young kids-wonder if he still smokes???

Michael said...

I just left my father a voice mail.

I told him that the fact that he quit smoking (15 years ago) was probably the hardest thing he ever did and that I was proud of him.

If he would have answered the phone I would have asked him the weather in Fort Lauderdale.