Thursday, November 27, 2008

gateway gobbler: race photos and results

ran the gateway gobbler 6 miler this morning. in the few years since i last ran this hilly course, had completely forgot how challenging it was! one year (2004?), i was 5th overall and couldn't break 42 minutes! so today's 42:48, 15th overall, wasn't too shabby.

emmy, john, and don were there too. afterwards, as with prior thanksgivings, i couldn't stick around for the awards and grab-bag/raffle because i needed to get home and put the turkey in the oven.

here is my race report and here are the official results.

happy thanksgiving!

pre-race: me and john, in the gym.

pre-race: john, emmy, and don.

emmy's done!

john, finishing.


Runner Tammy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Very nice photo's. I like your tradition of going to a Turkey Day Run then celebrating Thanksgiving; Tristan and I have this tradition as well.

Did you take all of these pictures? Do you run with your camera?


P.S. Are you, Emmy and Wayne signed up for Vermont 100 yet? It is open for registration.

rundangerously said...

thanks tammy! great job at jfk last week!

i take most of the pictures (but don't usually carry my camera w/me on races). and some are taken by other runners (emmy took a couple of these).

before thoughts of vt, first comes umstead :D