Thursday, November 13, 2008

november/december race schedule

it was definitely time to update my race schedule when i looked over at the sidebar and realized that stone cat was the last one listed!

these races, except for the knickerbocker 60k this weekend, are a return to shorter distances. the one "empty weekend" of 11/22-23 is a result of getting closed out of the jfk 50 miler and plans to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday. even so, i should be able to find a local race to jump into that saturday or sunday.

the only "new" race on the schedule is, technically, the renamed "hot chocolate" 15k - which is now the "ted corbitt 15k." i'm so happy to see the nyrr put a "ted corbitt" race on the calendar - it was long overdue! i hope everyone free that weekend decides to run it!

one "old" race that's sits on my "unfinished" business list is the pete mccardle 15k. van cortlandt park is a great place to run. but, last year i ran the 15k with a cold and while i taking malarone (malaria pills) for an uncoming trip. it was the hardest 15k i ever struggled to finish! this time around, hopefully, the experience will be somewhat less grueling :D

then, by early december, katie's knee should be fully recovered (dislocated knee cap from field hockey) and we can run the jingle bell jog together. the next weekend emmy and i re-team to run the trrc couples relay. the best part of that xc run in the blue mountain reservation is the huge pancake breakfast afterwards! it's the perfect event for the hearty breakfast set :D

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