Tuesday, November 4, 2008

phil lesh and jackie greene on "live at five" with ken dashow at q 104.3 fm

wow, sometimes having an fm radio in the office is crucial! i just listened to an incredibly sweet "friend of the devil" played by phil lesh and jackie greene on the "live at five" program with ken dashow at q 104.3! hanging out in the office might not ever be the same!

in addition to small talk about politics, some joint shows with bobby weir and ratdog to celebrate new years eve, and the 11 night phil lesh and friends marathon that kicked off on halloween over at the nokia, the reason "friend of the devil" was AMAZING - the lyrics they sang included the verse that's only been performed by robert hunter (not sung by jerry garcia - for any interested deadheads out there)!

this interesting little performance (and ended with a recording of "playing in the band)may find its way onto a podcast at the station.

check out the "live at five" site for a couple more photos of phil and jackie in the studio - PLUS, audio of the performance!

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