Sunday, June 29, 2008

another connecticut "trifecta:" three towns, three events, one day

last night capped off another connecticut "3 towns in 1 day" trifecta for me! last month, on mothers day, i ran was in norwalk for a race in the morning, then i stopped off in greenwich on the way home to support emmy's safe cycling bike ride and, that afternoon was in westport for dinner.

yesterday it was deja vu all over again! first the 5 miler in norwalk in the morning, then i stopped off in greenwich to see emmy's art exhibit and, last night, we went to morton's steakhouse in stamford for dinner. and, in even more of a coincidence, the dinner was with all the same family members (except for my mom) who were at the mothers day meal!

my brother-in-law, miguel, and sister-in-law, andrea. miguel is an engineer with united technologies - so if you're in the market for a jet engine, he's your man!

bruce, and my mother-in-law, joan. they just returned from europe (london, a cruise down the rhine, and home via milan)!

miguel, miggy, katie, and alexa!

the highlight of my decadence last night - a grand marnier souffle for dessert! and the prime reason i woke up this morning, stumbled out of bed, and dragged myself outside to run 10 soggy miles - to make a dent in burning off all those sweet calories!!


Pam said...

I'd run for a Grand Marnier souffle as well ... great source of motivation! See you at Friday's race.

rundangerously said...

a woman after my own heart!

my motto s/be "will run for food - the sweeter the better!"

Pam said...

Love the motto. The one thing I did NOT lose last year when I lost 50+ pounds was my love of sweets. Still need a little bit of something sweet every day ... not exactly the best training diet, but hasn't semed to hurt me yet! Too bad I missed the DND truck at the Fairfield race ... didn't even know it was there!

Fishmagic said...

That souffle does nothing for the steak beforehand is another story.

Bert said...

That souffle looks absolutely killer, no pun intended. As for Emerson, Lake & Palmer (referenced in the Pictures at an Exhibition entry), they used to be my favorite all-time band. I had every one of their LP's (on vinyl of course), saw them at the University of Maryland in Oct 1977, just a few months after arriving in the USA for the first time. Those were the days. Golden age of rock. And of American long-distance running!

Laura said...

Mmm, that souffle! I should not have looked at this post before lunchtime, though it probably would have made my mouth water anytime :)

rundangerously said...

pam, we found the coffee/donut truck thanks to john - who had scoped it out after he finished the 5k!

kurt, i had a killer prime rib. not only was it too big to finish, i had the leftover for dinner on monday!

burt, my favorite elp is "brain salad surgery" - ha, i just caught the food reference. i posted somewhere, i played the album so much the grooves wore out! karn evil 9 - rocks!!

laura, hope you can make it to the 8 miler tomorrow!

Laura said...

Not going to make it... I'm heading up to Alberta on Sat morning to do the Calgary Marathon on Sunday. Gotta rest up! Have a great time though. I'm still contemplating the Around the Lake, so maybe we'll catch up then.