Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mid-week training summary: a tale of dead legs and delayed onset muscle soreness

today was the first run where my legs felt as if there was some life in them! after the slow mile in greenburgh and the poor performance in fairfield last weekend, i just wanted to rehydrate and get in some easy miles until my legs decided to recover. i ran 4 miles after the faifield half and they were just as much of a struggle as the race had been! the weekly mileage total only reached 40.8, roughly half the prior week's mileage of 79.2 miles.

sunday's post-race splits:

8:10 16:25
8:39 25:04
8:07 33:11

8:18 pace

monday is typically my rest day. but i decided to run another easy 4 miles:

8:11 16:33
8:20 24:53
7:52 32:45

8:11 pace (a struggle to log miles with dead legs).

tuesday an easy 6 miles:

8:03 16:30
7:46 24:16
7:46 32:02
8:25 40:27
8:01 48:28

8:05 pace (felt the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness).

wednesday an easy 6 miles:

7:56 16:05
7:30 23:35
7:45 31:19
8:25 39:44
8:05 47:49

7:58 pace (legs starting to come back to life - phew).


Just_because_today said...

love your easy miles, that's my race pace, Speedy!!!

Pam said...

Your easy = my DREAM of a race pace. But, for what it is worth ... my miles after Sunday's race have also been with lead legs. I'm hoping today is a bit better. Keep up the good work!

AnthonyP said...

Looks like you are getting some rest with the lower milage. How about a nice long run this weekend. With WS cancelled, I'm working with Meredith to try to put together a 100 mile course right here !