Thursday, September 25, 2008

"riders on the storm" with manzarek & krieger at fillmore (irving plaza): photos and setlist

last night two original members of the doors, ray manzarek and robby kreiger, played at the fillmore (at irving plaza) with their band, "riders on the storm." i went to check them out with emmy - and what a great show it was! the performance was intense and rocking! the small venue combined with the loud sound made conversation of any kind impossible! as expected, the show was all about the doors music.

the new front man standing in for jim morrison, ex-fuel lead singer brett scallions (who himself had just replaced the cult's ian astbury who left the band this summer) was impressive. he did an excellent job of channelling morrison's spirit for the night (jim is probably up there nodding in approval).

here are some photos. i'd like to post a complete setlist if i can track one down (but i didn't have a chance, myself, to keep tabs on the song order last night).


Christopher said...

i believe the set went a little like this (in no particular order)

Love Me Two Times
Break on Through
Love Her Madly
When The Music's Over
Peace Frog
Roadhouse Blues
L.A. Woman
Touch Me
Alabama Song
Waiting For The Sun
Spanish Caravan
Riders on The Storm
Light My Fire

(i think "5 to 1" was in there but im not sure)

rundangerously said...


thanks so much for contributing the setlist!

it just reminded me that robby played flamenco guitar for spanish caravan while the rest of the band left the stage for a break!

what a great show...

Christopher said...

yeah robby is such an underrated guitar player... that show was a life changing event for me. you can call me crazy but i felt a weird sensation and energy in that room that night (and it wasnt just the pot, im too used that, i know what it feels like). i dont know, its made me rethink my spirituality (or lack of). oh and i forgot about Backdoor Man, im almost positive that was in there.

Christopher said...

oh yeah and another thing, i took my girlfriend and my two friends with me to the show, and were all between the ages of 18 to 20. i have never gotten so many weird looks at a show. people were looking at us like "wtf are they doing here, their not even with a parent or anything". is it that hard to comprehend for some people that the doors transcend all age and cultural barriers. theyve been my favorite band since i was 13, so thats like 6 years now. idk, it just kind of annoyed me that everyone kept asking me if i really liked the doors.

CTmarathoner said...

Christopher ---thanks so much for posting the set list --I also went to the concert and am 50 (a young 50, I hope) and am the parent of an 18 year kids also 'know' the Doors, even my 11 year old knows all the songs --the Doors have been my favorite band since I got 'Riders on the storm' on a 45 rpm when I was 10 (1968)...not sure what my teenager thinks of the Doors but I know that my 74-year old parents love the Doors and the Dead..happy that you had such a life-changing experience..for me, the concert went by in what seemed to be one minute -felt myself so in the zone. Lots of energy in that room, and it seemed like a wide age-range...I missed 'love me 2 times', and light my fire. BUT 'when the music's over' and LA woman were so good that they made up for missing out. It was a great show!!!!!

Alien said...

I saw these guys 4 times with Ian Astbury : AMAZING!!!

Greetings from belgium