Sunday, September 7, 2008

dinner at the yale club saturday night

last night pat, katie and i braved the monsoon-like rains and went into new york city for a family dinner at the yale club. my sister-in-law, andrea, and her family had planned to join us - but the terrible weather kept them in hartford.

here are a few photos:

katie, showing off her boots at the metornorth station.

pat and her mom.

joan and bruce.

piers and tina.

piers and his quartet are hard at work on their second album!

some, hopefully, familiar faces!

piers, pat, and tina.

pat and tina spent a day at the u.s. open last week!

katie, after dinner.

katie is more of a vocalist, than piano-player!

relaxing, after dinner, before the trip home!

katie, exhausted and pleading w/me to STOP taking pictures!

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