Wednesday, April 23, 2008

tribeca film festival: "run for your life"

we interrupt coverage of the boston marathon to mention that today is the official opening of the 2008 tribeca film festival here in downtown manhattan.

the crop of new films at this year's edition of the film festival includes one that will interest runners in general, and new york city marathon lovers in particular: "run for your life," a documentary on the life and times of fred lebow. lebow organized the first nyc marathon in 1970. in 1976, he moved the multiple loop course out of the confines of central park onto the streets of the 5 boroughs, and turned the marathon into the citywide event we run today.

"run for you life" makes its world premiere is this sunday afternoon. the movie has its own blog, which is worth visiting out because it's posted links to sites providing additional coverage. the movie is a production of flatbush pictures, in brooklyn.

my friends emmy, rob, sue, and i, will be among those nyc marathon fans in the audience!

check back on sunday night for photos and a review of the movie!

update: here is the link to my review of this great documentary. and, here is the link to the "after-party" at reboot.


CTmarathoner said...

I bet Alan Steinfeld and Mary Wittenberg come..can't wait to see it. Fred was a large presence and participant at every race i did in the 1980s (except the avon womens' races)). He used to hang out at the NYRRC and chat with everyone who came in to come up with race ideas. Did you read his biography?

Just_because_today said...

he fought a brain tumor and lived longer than expected by adopting a philosophy that if you surround yourself with positive energy it should transcend into your being and pulled you along.
I would love to run NYC marathon for the Fred Team but I can't squeeze money out of the same peopple for more causes!

brian said... is giving away 5 copies of the DVD "Run For Your Life">. However, so far only 2 people have taken up the offer. So if you are interested in a documentary that tells the story about the New York marathon and its founder Fred Lebow, then visit them in the next 2 days (offer ends Nov 1, end of day).