Sunday, April 13, 2008

captain lawrence brewery visit and tour

this afternoon, anthony, emmy and i took a drive to pleasantville and visited the captain lawrence brewery for some exceptional beer tasting and socializing. this is the description of the event we attended:

Slow Food Westchester Beer, Cheese and Sausage Pairing:

Belly up to the bar at Westchester's own award-winning Captain Lawrence Brewery in Pleasantville. On Sunday, April 13 from 2-5 p.m., Brewmaster Scott Vaccaro will host Slow Westchester with a brewery tour and a tasting of his wonderful, “region-specific flavor, locally produced” ales... The brews will be accompanied by local bread and cheese pairings and local cured sausages.


i had no idea what "slow food" was - i still don't, actually. but the three word definition we got when asked about it - "the opposite of fast-food" - had to suffice. besides, anthony and i were more interested in tasting the beer.

here are the 5 beers that were tasted,this afternoon; in the order which we tasted them:

sun-block wheat
liquid gold
brown bird ale
pale ale,
and pleasantville smoked porter

in addition to the beer tasting in the main room, the food was set out on two tables in the brewery. it was a very atmospheric set-up. midway thru the afternoon, scott vaccaro, the owner/brewer gave a tour of the facilities which included an informative discussion on the actual brewing process employed on-site to produce the beer. to answer the question on a lot of minds, scott said that "captain lawrence" was the name of the street he grew up on.

after the tour, emmy spoke to gary - a fellow taconic road runner and the individual kind enough to pour samples at the st. patrick's day races last month. it may come to pass that captain lawrence samples may be available for post-race tasting at the putnam county classic this 4th of july in mahopac! we each then purchased a bottle of the just released "smoked from the oak, wine barrel aged" beer (aged in merlot wine barrels), took a few pictures, and headed home.

what a great time we had there. on the ride home we were already planning a return visit!

here are some photos from our visit.

check out this prior post on captain lawrence.


johnking said...

Livin the dream Frank, livin the dream! Running ultras...brewery tasting...

How is the leg doing? Is Boston possible or not? If so, look forward to meeting you.

rundangerously said...

beer... just another way to carbo load :D

look forward to meeting you in beantown!