Monday, April 21, 2008

boston marathon update: rr and photos to follow

just got home from boston: a quick update, i finished in 3:41:44 (a whopping 7 seconds faster than 2007 - haha), for an 8:28 pace.

it was a great day all around. rode to hopkinton with my friend gene and his buddies from peterborough, ontario. also spent a some time with my friend john. then, just before the race started, i caught sight of my friend todd - and we ran the first 20k+ of the race together.

i also got to see my friends bekkie and joe cheering on the runners just before mile 18. a few minutes later, just before the 30k mark, said hello to my friend michael, a/k/a torpedo, on the course. strangely, however, didn't see anyone from wtc, or taconic, this year.

ran the first half hard, with a 1:40 split at the half. took the second half easy, and walked the uphills in newton. no pain, whatsoever, in my leg!

now it's time to check emails, catch up with mail, take a long hot shower, eat some dinner, and drink a few adult beverages - not necessarily in that sequence - haha.

will try to post race day photos tonight and a full race report tomorrow.

thanks to all my friends that wished me good luck up in boston. all those messages contributed to the positive karma that followed me in beantown today!!


Meredith said...

good job! glad your leg held up :) I was worried about it!

Just_because_today said...

Glad to hear you felt good!

Divaleh said...

YAY! Nicely done!!!!

AnthonyP said...

Great job. Congrats. I followed along online until your finish !

rundangerously said...

thanks meredith - looking forward to seeing you, eddie and anthony at sybil this weekend!

thanks myriam - definitely going to find a wine bar in the city (or a beer pub that serves a lot of wine)!!

thanks divaleh!

thanks anthony!

longrunner said...

It was great hangin with you in Boston. What a day. Good run. Looking forward to your next story. Gene