Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the greatest game, continued

what a pleasant surprise it was to find that the author, richard bradley, mentioned my post about heading over to the book signing on his blog post of the event! that is something of a first for me.

i had planned to send him a link to the actual book review i post once i've read it. the plan is to read it in boston, as part of my trip there to run the boston marathon in two weeks. hopefully, my recovery from this weekend's little shin setback will oblige me - and i'll be well enough to get in those 26.2 miles!

as for bradley's post - he got the "you don't look like your old enough to have been at the game," part right. but, alas, he confused me with someone else on that business about the strand. while i love the strand, that crusty nyc literary institution, my copy was lifted from his signing table.

his mention of the strand was, however, a bit ironic since i did plan on posting a review of the book. borders doesn't discount best sellers like "the greatest game," while barnes and noble and amazon do offer them. still, an even better option would have been tooling over to the strand to pick up a reviewers copy at 50% off!! live and learn.

of course, had i opted for that route, i would have foregone the book signing. and that certainly wouldn't have been as enjoyable as meeting the author in person!

here is my book review of "the greatest game."
and, back to part one of this post?


Tomas said...

A book about baseball... how very American (in a good way) :)
I tried to watch a whole game when I was in the states but it is just sooooo looooong... although as a sports fan I would probably love it as I get into it

rundangerously said...


baseball is an american cultural experience. for everyone else it seems to be an acquired taste :D

this book is about a rivalry that was decided at the end of the season by a one game, "sudden death" playoff!

reading it will let me relive my teenage years as a yankee fan from the great state of brooklyn!