Thursday, April 17, 2008

asia: acoustic set in new york city

today, at noon, i walked across the street to see asia give a brief acoustic performance at the j & r music store before they sat down to sign copies of their new album, "phoenix." but performance (even "set") was an overstatement. "pair" would have been correct since they did only 2 songs. then they sat down to sign cd's.
as lame as that sounds, it was worth spending my lunch hours to to see these guys. yes was the first group i went to see in concert - way back in 1978. so watching steve howe play guiter was a trip down memory lane. i was also into elp (and wore out the grooves of "brain salad surgery") so the carl palmer connection a bonus.
check out these photos.


johnking said...

would you consider yourself in the heat of the moment????

soleslide said...

Just out of curiosity, how come you have a picture of Ganesha pinned on your blog?

You can find one (usually more) in every Hindu home. Car dealers in India give a small Ganesha idol (for the dashboard) with every delivery they make.

Michael said...
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rundangerously said...


how did you guess what song they closed the show with ;) :D


thanks for stopping by! i spent some time in japuir and delhi this february and became very familiar w/lord ganesha. plus, i was given a pocket size medallian of him that i still carry w/me (when i'm not carrying around poems).

micheal - "30 years ago" - isn't that the scariest way to start off a conversation - haha. how's your toe/foot coming along?

Michael said...

Was it 30 years ago that we saw Yes?!

rundangerously said...


i saw yes at msg, in the "round." what better way to watch them perform roundabout - haha :D

i don't we went to that one together (i went w/some friends from murrow h.s.)

Zooomabooma said...

I seem to recall Cartman singing Asia on South Park at one time.

Asia's definitely a blast from the past. I had their first self-titled LP... loved it! Bands like this amaze me when they're still recording and performing into their 50's. One must wonder -- when's it time to hang up the geetar and retire? Gracefully at some point or never and die on stage someday? I guess they're doing what they love so that can surely be admired!

Divaleh said...

LOL - I was listening to YES all day at work yesterday....