Saturday, April 19, 2008

heartland brewery south street seaport

last night i went to heartland brewery at the south street seaport with my good friend, jose. i thought it might turn into a long day and, with little desire to get in mileage when i got home, took the unusual step (for me) of getting in a 6 mile run before heading into the office.

heartland brewery has a number of locations scattered across new york city. this location was a 5 minute walk from by office. i planned to try their beer sampler, a 5 oz. glass of each of the six regular beers they offer. but, to my very pleasant surprise - one of the two seasonal offering happened to be "grateful red lager!"

with something as colorful as this - what's any right thinking deadhead to do??

the easy answer is to skip the samples and order a pint of grateful red! one good pint deserved another, so after the grateful red, i opted to try the other seasonal offering, heartland empire state premium.

an interesting thing about this brewery is that its beer, formerly brewed on premises, has been outsourced to the greenpoint beer works/ kelso of BROOKLYN (bold was my idea). how cool is that??


AnthonyP said...

Somehow I am not surprised you found a brewery to hang out at.

Just_because_today said...

I insist wine is the way to go...