Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"run for your life" fred lebow movie afterparty at reboot

i didn't have time write this up yesterday. after the premiere of "run for you life," we went to the party hosted by flatbush pictures at reboot, an organic vegetarian restaurant in the east village. since it was so close to the theater, emmy, rob, sue and i walked there.

mary wittneberg was there. she told us the nyrrc is looking into the possibility of staging an ultra on randall's island (in addition to the knickerbocker 60k in november)! that's something i hope finds its way onto the nyrr schedule!

bob glover was there. emmy asked him where his wife, shelly, was (co-author with bob of "the competitive runners handbook). bob said that she's tapering for an upcoming marathon - but will be at the friday night screening of the film. last year, we rode down on the wtc bus to staten island for the start of the nyc marathon with shelly.

we also met another bob, the uncle of a film crew member. he's run 25 consecutive nyc marathons! it was fun trading war stories of marathons past with him. since emmy has run 18 nyc marathons herself, they had plenty to talk about.

and, on the refreshment side, i got to try a new beer - brahma. initially, i thought this was from india (named after the hindu god of creation). turned out it was from brazil - go figure! i also tried a couple of brooklyn brewery beers; pilsner and brown ale. good stuff to go with the sushi platter that greeted us at the start, and replaced with various pizzas afterwards.

all in all a great way to celebrate the premier of a great film!

here are a couple of photos:

sue, emmy and nina kuscsik outside the theater following the premiere.

rob and emmy at reboot, chatting with prudence, the archival producer.


Just_because_today said...

ok, how many beers did Emmy have when that picture was taken???

rundangerously said...

only rob and i drank beer - emmy had wine, sue had sangria!

DawnB said...

Frank, I hope I'll be able to view this film. Sounds very inspirational and a wonderful tribute to a great runner. You guys had a blast the pictures are a dead give away.

Yes I will be at The mothers day 10k. I haven't missed this since I started. I make it my special day. And I still have plenty of time to get ready for Church :)

CTmarathoner said...

hi Dawn!! You are running well! Hope you and Myriam will be able to see 'Run for your life' --what photos of me -eyes closed or looking angry! Meeting Fred's friends like Nina Kusick was cool -hey, when will grete Waitz see the movie? She will cry. As for the party, The food was fabulous -vegetarian sushi and wood-fired pizza --Myriam, I had wine:) but also lots of water!

Just_because_today said...

Emmy, you are my kind of girl! and Frank still owes me some wine