Monday, April 14, 2008

boston marathon prognosis

today the odds of running my fifth consecutive boston marathon increased to better than 60/40 (maybe 65/35) in my favor. after a week of no running whatsoever - excluding a brief two miler on saturday - i was anxious to get out and run. no adverb needed - any kind of running would do under the circumstances.

saturday's two miler was an easy out and back; and 8:49 mile out and and an 8:27 home. 17:16, an 8:38 pace. my leg was still swollen for this run, but aside from some minor gait issues, there was no pain. while the swelling was taking it's sweet time to fade away, i was making progress. still, all that inactivity made me gain weight - and it was depressing to realize that all that hard earned weight reduction was negated by a week with my leg elevated. on the plus side, the nagging cough that had lingered for more than a month finally disappeared.

sunday had me doing a lot of walking. while not planned, it did seem to further what i optimistically consider my active recovery. it seemed that i spent the entire morning walking all over central park - and when i wasn't moving, i was standing at my course marshall location for almost 2 hours. that afternoon, when anthony mentioned that i seemed to be limping, i thought i may have overdone it with the walking.

this afternoon, to assess how realistic the trip to boston would be, i went out for what is my typical 6 mile training run on the post road. the awkward gait issue reappeared in the first mile, but soon disappeared as i got back into the groove along the familiar stretch of road.

my splits were:

7:53 15:59
7:32 23:31
7:46 31:17
8:13 39:31
7:36 47:07

7:51 average pace

needless to say, i was very happy with this outcome. that i could get this "typical" base run in after only one week of recovery made me optimistic that i could run boston this weekend! while i've abandoned my time goal - which was to run under 3:30 and simply re-qualify for 2009 - finishing will be reward enough.


AnthonyP said...

Good to see you back at it...must be that Captain Lawrence beer.

Michael said...

Take it easy Frank

Divaleh said...

So glad to see that you're feeling better!

rundangerously said...

anthony, the adult beverages eased the recovery process a bit :D

thanks michael!! it's so great that you stopped by the blog! i'm headed over to your blog right now to check out what you've been up to and what's been happening in bklyn!

thanks divaleh! i can't help but think of you as ultra divaleh :D

Paul said...

Are you seriously considering running a marathon with a stress fracture? I've had two - one in each fibula - and they needed six weeks before the bone scans showed diminished healing activity. I was also under 20 year old. Not that we're old now! I'm just sayin'.

Kevin said...

Wow, gutsy, very gutsy with the marathon thing.
And thanks for the post on the wine. Brooklyn wine, huh? If I get my hands on some, I'll try it and post a review.

johnking said...

Well, I hope your in Boston running but agree with you 100% if you choose not to run. I'll add you into my pre-marathon prayers so you can toe the line!

Tomas said...

Woho!!! go for it... Boston better watch out :)
the weight will not stick around for too long... you will donate it to the streets of Boston