Wednesday, April 2, 2008

thinking about umstead

yesterday, i finally sat down, albeit on the metronorth, and read the runner's information packet for the umstead 100 miler. i had read it last september, when i registered for the race. but now, days away from the start, the enormity of running 100 miles started to sink in.

this isn't my first hundred miler, last summer's vermont 100 takes that distinction. it also has the distinction of simultaneously ranking as my best and lowest running moment of 2007. here is my vermont race report. my goal is to achieve some sort of redemption with a much better performance at umstead - ideally with a sub-24 hour finish.

but plenty to do before i even leave for the race. after dinner last night i went out for an easy 4 miles in 34:07, an 8:31 pace. when i got back i started collecting all the stuff i wanted to take down to north carolina. my headlamp, batteries, fluid belt (which i probably won't use given all the water stops on the course), eyeglass holder, trail shoes, et cetera.

the hardest part is deciding what running clothes to bring. that decision has two parts. first, what will i actually wear at the start. second, and just as important, what clothes will i want in my drop bag. in weather dependent situations, it's best to follow the wisdom from "i need a miracle," which says it all: "too much of everything is just enough!" which in turn, reminded me to add some "new" music to my ipod.

the roll call for this weekend is impressive, just to mention a few: emmy, meredith, eddie (her husband), tim, barabara, greg (her husband), and fred. plus, anthony will be there to pace meredith. then there's the awesome crowd from kickrunners. when all the family, friends, and crew are added in - it's going to be a huge extended family taking over that place!

and, speaking of emmy, checking out her blog reminded me that i need to visit trader joe's and stock up on some dark chocolate covered espresso bean!

and, speaking of anthony, checking out his blog this morning alerted me that today is national peanut butter and jelly day!! pb&j may, undoubtedly, get chosen as the ultrarunner's food staple of all time. but in this present moment, it happens to be what i eat for breakfast most days - haha. my work day would seem completely off if i didn't start it with a pb and blueberry or peach preserve sandwich!

but, from a legal perspective - remind me to give anthony some grief over sources. i couldn't find any citation (official or otherwise) that documents the establishment of this very sticky day of celebration :D


Meredith said...

Looking forward to seeing you in a few days!!!!

AnthonyP said...

:) - too much lawyering spoils the PB&J sandwich.

Looking forward to seeing you at Umstead.

Just_because_today said...

Good luck, see you soon.

me said...

I can make TJs for you tomm! I would not worry about redemption...just use the mental strength that i saw in VT!