Thursday, April 3, 2008

the greatest game

yesterday i slipped out of the office at lunchtime and went to borders bookstore at 1:00 to check out "the greatest game: the yankees, the red sox, and the playoff of '78," book signing.

i must admit that, as a teenager growing up in brooklyn during the 70's, the yankees were the beginning and of any talk about baseball. thurman munson was, and to this very day is, my favorite yankee of all time. so when i caught the blurb of this book - which details the yankee - red sox sudden death playoff off 1978 - i was game to check it out. especially as reading material for our trip up to boston, for the marathon, in two weeks - haha.

at borders, just inside the entrance, a small table was set up for the author, richard bradley. what stuck me was how young he looked. since i was just 16 in 1978, i'm hardly one to talk. but bradley smiled when i mentioned that he hardly looked old enough to have been at the game. "i was 13 years old then," he said.

after a bit of small talk, it was fun to get a signed copy of the book. but it's going to be even more fun when i get sit down to read it. hopefully, i'll get to relive those not quite sepia toned 70's memories.

i still have a bit left to go on my current book - another trip down memory lane - "overdrive," by william f. buckley, jr. but that's a story for another post.

for a cool except of the "the greatest game," check out espn page 2 book club coverage.

extra innings: link to the continuation of this post (comments from the author) and here is my book review.


AnthonyP said...

Go Mets !!!

Just_because_today said...

maybe you can get the book on tape and listen to it during your 23 hour run next Sunday.

I like reading but it is one of those things I don't find much time to do (I could if I tried but sadly I don't).
Did you ever read Gabriel Garcia Marquez?