Friday, April 18, 2008

boston marathon: 2007 review and 2008 preview

this is my fifth trip to boston marathon. my race times have ranged from 3:16:36, in 2006, to 3:55:35 in 2004:

2004: 3:55:35
2005: 3:21:50
2006: 3:16:36
2007: 3:41:51

the nor'easter of 2007 almost led to the cancellation of the marathon.

for me, 2007 started off with the brooklyn half marathon on saturday morning, then a drive to our hotel in waltham, massachusetts. sunday morning i did the freedom run and then went to the expo. for almost the next 24 hours the weather was lousy. luckily, on monday morning the weather abated and the race went on as scheduled.

my 2007 race report was in three parts:

part one, the brooklyn half marathon
part two, the freedom run and expo
part three, the marathon

luckily, i haven't seen any forecasts for rain this weekend! even better, i don't have a race to run on saturday - it's a scheduled rest day. unfortunately, there's no freedom run this year. instead, sunday morning will be spent watching the women's olympic marathon trials. then it's over to the expo. the race packet will include, for the first time, a tech shirt. i'll skip the official pasta supper in favor of a quieter dinner.

during the weekend i hope to meet some friends on saturday night, at the trials on sunday morning, and at the athlete's village on race day. i'm bringing along my laptop so i can post pictures and updates as well.

here is my 2008 boston marathon race report!


soleslide said...

Wow! 5 marathons and great times!! Thats a lesson in humility for me :)

Count yourself lucky you don't have to visit Bangalore in the next few months. They built a new airport outside the airport which was good but forgot to build the road to connect the city to the airport. Go figure! And now they have delayed the launch by a couple of months but the road won't be ready for a good 4 to 6 months.

CTmarathoner said...

Oh my -I remember that Nor' Easter all too well -the scariest drive up to Boston I have ever encountered (hey, wonder if Elizabeth Thompson will make it this year? Last year she got flooded out)!! Hope you have fun --remember, this is not the time to push yourself hard -on the other hand you have had rest!! no re-injuries, please -just enjoy your friends and the course!