Monday, April 7, 2008

ratdog at the beacon

during the trip to north carolina for umstead, i tried to keep tabs on non-running related events (how strange does that sound?) back home.

the one thing that really hated to miss was the three night string of bob weir and ratdog shows at the beacon theatre from thurday to saturday. paul, a good friend of mine had tickets to the friday and saturday night shows. hopefully he'll give me scoop on how the shows went.

from a quick look at the ratdog site, one thing that stands out is an acoustic performance of "franklin's tower" thursday night. what a way to start his new york appearances. the last time i went to a ratdog show, was at the beacon last year. the day before i went to peekskill show with rob amd emmy at the paramount! that show was particularly memorable because they did an awesome version of terrapin, and then tossed in the rarely performed "at a siding > terrapin flyer" as an encore to round out the terrapin suite!

while there may not be many opportunities to catch a ratdog show until the fall tour brings them back to the east coast, looking forward to seeing dark star orchestra later this spring, and phil lesh and friends during the summer!


AnthonyP said...

Frank - I want to see daily pictures of your stress fractured leg ! I supposee it would be out of the question to ask you to do some pacing for Bear 50 ? :)))
Maybe we'll just knock down some beers after.

irenie said...

The Beacon shows were fun!
Sorry you missed them!