Friday, April 25, 2008

thinking about the sybil lundington 50k

tomorrow is the sybil ludington 50k in carmel, new york. sybil is the third race in the 2008 new york ultrarunning grand prix series. anthony's race preview, which includes the course map and elevation profile, is a must read!

this week i've done two recovery runs: 4 hilly miles at a slow pace on tuesday, and 6 miles along my regular post road route on thursday.


8:27 17:25
9:26 26:52
8:45 35:36

8:54 average pace

and, thursday:

8:03 16:18
7:33 23:51
7:33 31:24
8:06 39:30
7:42 47:12

7:52 average pace.

this afternoon i'll run an easy 4 miles to cap off the week leading up to sybil.

a brief review of my two prior sybil races: the 2006 edition was my very first ultra. that year include plenty of wind, cold rain, and even snow! what a way to start off on the world of ultras! the 2007 edition was a weather reversal, with lots of sun.

sybil 2007: 4:34:31, an 8:51 pace. 2007 official race results.
sybil 2006: 4:43:52, an 9:08 pace. 2006 official race results.

i didn't write a race report for 2006, but here is my 2007 race report.

i'm looking forward to the race tomorrow. the roll call includes emmy and rob, as well as the regular broadway ultra society cast of characters. plus, anthony, meredith, and eddie will set up and man an aid station along the course!

full report and photos tomorrow!

update: emmy just posted pictures from last year's race - including one of us in front of the sybil statue


Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Good Luck tomorrow!

AnthonyP said...

You just keep rolling along. See you there.

CTmarathoner said...

did you know that, historically, Sybil really made her journey on April 26!

Myriam said...

the only sybil I know is that one with 16 personalities...oh, that comment didn't belong on this blog!

Paul said...

Have fun tomorrow!

Re: your comment, I'm taking a week of complete 0s to try to heal up my adductor strain (OK, groin) and sore abs. I haven't had a problem on a run, but I think I would be pushing my luck to go into speed work without getting healthy first.