Wednesday, December 31, 2008

january 2009 race schedule

1/1 - "christmas t(h)ree miler" - rescheduled from 12/22
1/3 - norfolk pub 10 miler - rescheduled from 12/21
1/4 - boston build-up 10k (norwalk)
1/8 - thursday nights at the track (various distances)
1/10 - g.a.c. fa 50k
1/15 - boston build-up 15k (ridgefield)
1/22 - thursday nights at the track (various distances)
1/25 - manhattan half marathon
1/31 - cape cod frozen fa 50k

this, hopefully, is my january race schedule. i've already registered for the races in bold and, except for the norfolk pub 10 miler, the rest are basically race day registration.

tomorrow my traditional new year's day ride over to weston for the resolution run will end a few miles short of weston, in new canaan, for the rescheduled 3 miler. this week also includes another rescheduled race, the norfolk pub 10 miler. it displaces the mhrrc fa 50k that i had planned on before the 12/21 race was postponed because of the snowstorm (that switched the ted corbitt 15k over to a fun run). the next day is the first boston build-up race (10k in norwalk).

back on the schedule after a couple of years absence, thursday nights at the races (at the armory track). i'm looking forward to these because it's been at least 2 years since i ran a track event! and, on the topic of nyrr races, will also line up for the manhattan half later in the month.

there are two fa 50k's (both in massachusetts, coincidentally) on the schedule. these, hopefully, will be long training runs as i build up the mileage base for a return to umstead in april. and, speaking of umstead, i finally reset the race countdown clock for that event.

while the february races aren't firmed up yet (but may do the empire state building run-up), will probably line up for caumsett park 50k, celebrate life half marathon, and the wurtsboro mountain 30k races in march. way out there, in may, i am also looking forward to the biennial pioneer memorial 100 mile trek over memorial day weekend!

update: wow, not even 24 hours old and the first race on this schedule was scrubbed! the artic blast that arrived new year's eve turned the christmas t(h)ree miler into a fun run. i didn't risk the treacherous drive over icy roads to new canaan, so had to settle for a frozen 6.5 mile training run instead :(

update: ran the fred lebow classic 5 miler instead of a fa 50k on 1/10.

final update: looks as if this schedule was more wishful thinking than actual racing! between weather and personal obligations, didn't do any of the fa 50k's or get to the track races at the armory! since i'm teaching a class on thursday nights this semester, unlikely i'll get to any of the february track races either. and, weather forced the postponement of the boston build-up 15k so that it conflicted with the manhattan half!

so, altogether, i did 4 races in january: a five miler, a 15k, a ten miler, and a half marathon. hopefully, the february schedule will work out better :D

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AnthonyP said...

Busy start to your new year. Happy and healthy !