Wednesday, December 3, 2008

giants suspend plaxico burress for rest of season because of gunshot incident

yesterday the giants suspended plaxico burress for the remaining 4 games of the 2008 season, as a consequence of his self-inflicted gunshot wound. technically, the giants put burress on the "non-football injury" list after he was examined by the team doctor. the self-inflicted gunshot wound just cost plaxico the remaining $823,529 of his $3.5 million 2008 salary - and any shot at playing in the post-season. the giants also fined plaxico over the gunshot incident, but did not disclose the figure.

the team suspension and fine may be the least of plaxico's worries at this point because the two felony gun possession charges he was arraigned on monday afternoon carry 3 and a half year mandatory minimum jail terms (each).

in other fallout from the incident, fellow giant antonio pierce has yet to meet with police and explain his involvement. while this is obviously frustrating to police, it's what any self-respecting lawyer would advise him under the circumstances. not to be put off, the ny post reported that the police impounded his s.u.v. to look for traces of blood and gunpowder residue. looks like an episode of csi: ny in the making.

and the hospital where plaxico went for treatment, new york-presbyterian weill cornell medical center, was excoriated by mayor bloomberg for its failure to report the gunshot incident to the police. as a result, the hospital launched its own internal investigation and suspended the doctor who treated burress in connection with the failure to report to gunshot wound. the district attorney is also investigating the hospital's conduct.

a lot of fall-out from one gunshot!

update: on friday, april 3, 2009, the giants officially released plaxico burress!

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a lot of fall-out from one gunshot!
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