Thursday, December 4, 2008

plaxico gunshot collateral damage: antonio pierce will testify before grand jury

the ny post reported this morning that antonio pierce has agreed to testify before the grand jury in connection with prosecution of plaxico burress for criminal gun possession charges. pierce's decision to play ball - pardon the pun - with prosecutors (and disjointed alliteration) significantly bolsters the prosecutors' case against burress.

it may also mean, if pierce's attorney has wisely negotiated the appearance before the grand jury, that pierce himself will likely avoid any charges in the matter.

pierce seems to have dodged the proverbial bullet :D

but, how will all this stuff play out in the field? the giants have to play philly this weekend. it's now thursday and almost all the giants coverage has focused on the gunshot incident and the fallout from it. coach coughlin tried to refocus attention on the upcoming game yesterday at his press conference. good luck!

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Pam said...

Do you follow hockey? While not criminal in nature, Sean Avery is having a bad week to due to stupidity on his part. Fun is being had by all in sports these days!