Friday, December 5, 2008

75th anniversary of the 21st amendment - a/k/a the repeal of prohibition!!

after 13 years of self-imposed madness, the 21st amendment to the constitution was ratified on december 5, 1933, and repealed the 18th amendment - a/k/a prohibition. hence, the somewhat interesting moniker "repeal day."

whether you're a drinker or not, celebrate the repeal for what it was - a restoration of american civil liberties.

while an adults ability to consume alcoholic beverages doesn't come close to a fundamental right (at least to the sober), the right to decide what to imbibe - and enjoy, or suffer, the consequences therefrom - is no body's business but your own.

so today, when you're throwing back some water, soda, beer, wine, or something significantly stronger (or even a weak girly-girl cocktail) - smile, and say thanks to the sane (sober) minds that prevailed and brought prohibition to an inglorious end 75 years ago today.

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