Monday, December 15, 2008

giants pounded by dallas, 20-8: second straight loss after plaxico sideshow

eli manning was sacked on the first play, and 7 more times during the game. a dreary night for giant fans. for the second straight week the giants offense was unable to score a touchdown. if the stats from the game last week looked bad, the stats from last night's game are a nightmare!

just one is worth mentioning: manning has been sacked for a combined total of 11 times in the 12 non-dallas games this season. in the two games against dallas, he's been sacked 12 times! so maybe it's just dallas that has his number?

while not technically a stat, the last time the giants lost 2 consecutive games was the at the start of last season, opening with an 0-2 record. while it might just seem like a couple of weeks worth of bad luck catching up with them, they certainly didn't look like defending superbowl champions on the field last night.

a victory last night would have given them a first round bye in the playoffs. two more games left to get that bye (and home field advantage as well if they win both). while they showed that those perks aren't necessary for winning the superbowl, a win (or two) will certainly dispel the gloomy, soap opera like atmosphere that's slowly creeping up on the team.

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