Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 running year in review

it's hard to believe this year has come to a close! another new year's eve has arrived and in a few hours 2008 will be history. on the running side, this year has been a veritable mixed bag of highs and lows - mostly, it seemed, on the low side. between the nasty little hematoma that knocked me out of umstead last april and the serious bout with anemia, that mysteriously crept up on me this summer, it seemed that i racked up a string of pw's at every race distance - and my first ever dnf for good measure.

but things have definitely turned around in the last couple of months. while the numbers are still on the low side, the anemia is definitely behind me. i've been off the iron supplements for almost 3 weeks - with another round of blood tests at the 2 month mark to make sure my iron level doesn't go south again. and, while it wasn't planned, the last few months of lower mileage have also served as sort of a forced rest period.

here are some of my 2008 stats:

total miles run: 2571.1

total races: 57

ultras: 12
marathons: 4
15k - 30k: 12
1m - 8m: 29

of the shorter distance races, the 10k (with 9 races) was the most popular.

of the middle distance races, the 15k and half marathon tied (with 4 each).

of the ultras, 50k's edged out the 50 milers (4 to 3).

not reflected in those stats: i volunteered at 4 races this year. one because of the new nyrr requirement for guaranteed entry, one to satisfy the vermont 100 registration requirement, and 2 because, while the anemia kept me from running them, it didn't stop me from participating.

despite the moans and groans about anemia, there are a few highs worth mentioning. for the second year in a row i won my age group in the new york ultra running grand prix series. while i did fewer ultras this year (12 versus 18) they were some of my most enjoyable races. the road trip to raleigh for umstead, the road trip to maine for pineland farms, and the road trips to massachussetts for 24 hour around the lake and stone cat were all great times.

the 24 hour around the lake ultra in wakefield followed by the drive home to run the nyc half marathon on behalf of the world lung foundation team the next morning, was one of the most intense race weekends of the year. each race was great, in and of itself. but the real high point was that the wlf team raised $40,000 for children suffering from asthma! while it wouldn't be known until the blood tests a few weeks later, i was anemic at the time.

two weeks later was the catskill mountain 100k relay - yet another running highlight of the summer. a month earlier was the waveny summer series xc relay, which i ran with katie. that was my third, and as it unfortunately turned out, last race with katie of the year. but she did run one more, our local 5k, while i was on a business trip in october. and, speaking of relays, the race year unexpectedly ended (because of the snowstorm postponements) with the trrc couples relay - which emmy and i won!

phew, as i said at the outset, a mixed bags of highs and lows - and i enjoyed every minute of it!

i can't wait to see what 2009 brings!


AnthonyP said...

Wow. 2500 miles. 57 races. Amazing. Congrats on a great year. Hope 2009 is just as great.

rundangerously said...

thanks anthony! you were at a lot of those very same races :D

have a happy new year! have fun down at disney w/your family. we still have to throw back a few landshark lagers ;)

Pam said...

How quickly we forget ... June 8th ... 95 degrees, 95% humidity, hours waiting to run and buptkus! I would have thought that was below a "low". :)

Congrats on a great year of racing. So glad we got to meet this year. Wishing you and the fam a happy and healthy new year!

rundangerously said...

pam, that day wasn't all bad for me b/c i ran to/from the exchange with katie. although not getting to run an actual leg was a major low. still, the karma wheel turned and we got to run the catskill relay :D

happy new year to you and your family. can't wait until you're up to running races again!

TeeJay said...

I don't even wanna TELL you my # of miles and races. Let's just say the numbers are a pale white compared to yours.
But I DID run 3 marathons this year, including 13 or 14 delight-filled miles with you in Boston.And then there was the infamous 2008 Escarpment Trail Run. Good LORD!

Anyway, am looking forward to lots of fun and running with you in '09, my friend!