Sunday, December 14, 2008

the clash "london calling" released 29 years ago: december 14, 1979

here is one of the album covers that graced the walls of my room in high school and dorm in college. back in day when album art was something big enough to view w/out a magnifying glass, i'm sure i wasn't the only one who had "london calling" double for its decorative value (among other uses).

after just seeing the joe strummer documentary, "the future is unwritten," the clash has gotten some renewed playtime on my ipod!

"london calling" was actually my second clash album - both for the music, as well as the cover art. "give em' enough rope" which i had picked up a year earlier, my formal introduction to the clash, was already up on the wall.

finally, while both "give 'em enough rope" and "london calling" had awesome album covers (and, it should go w/out saying - but i'll mention it just the same - great tunes), the my favorite clash album was (and still is) "sandinista!" - released in 1980. ironically, that album cover, as contrasted to the awesome world tinged music on the record, wasn't that interesting (i.e. cool) - and never got tacked up on my dorm room wall - ha.

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