Saturday, December 20, 2008

first snow "storm" of the season

our first snow arrived yesterday, a couple of days shy of the formal start of winter. it wasn't a big one relative to what we normally see up here in westchester, but messy enough to disrupt a lot of routines. i did get an interesting 6.3 mile run in the early afternoon. i started out with less than an inch on the ground and finished in almost white out conditions as the pace of the storm picked up significantly.

my afternoon grading papers was interrupted numerous times as i went out to shovel the walk and driveway. an almost sisyphean exercise since i hardly had my jacket and gloves off before the snow again covered the walk and driveway. but i just filed it away under cross training . the real drag was this morning, in the wake of the storm.

i bagged the trip into the city for the ted corbitt 15k. i had planned on the metronorth, but the prospect of shoveling snow (final time) and digging out our cars (necessary evil) preceding the trip quickly soured me on the idea. the major streets were fine, but the side streets were still covered in snow and ice. even if i walked to the station, it would have been a messy hike.

now i need to figure out how to replace the 9 miles....

and, hope that part two of this storm that arrives tonight doesn't result in the cancellation of tomorrow's 3 miler!

update: i did run a very wet and sloppy 10 miles to make up for skipping the 15k. it was five 2 mile loops/out and backs in my neighborhood, tacked end to end. not much fun - but did cheer myself with a huge piece of cheese cake and sam adams cranberry lambic beer once i got back home. an interest change of pace in post-run refueling ;D

also, hot off the press, storm number two, arrived just in time for the winter solstice, has led to the postponement of the christmas t(h)ree miler until next saturday. wise choice given the slippery driving conditions. but now i have the same problem, a day later, how to make up those foregone race miles....

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Runner Tammy said...

Hi Frank,

Too bad about your race today. But your snowstorm sure made for a pretty picture.

I will keep my fingers crossed that the weather improves up north so that you can participate in Sunday's race.

Here in DC, we keep having cold rain and on good days (like today that at least weren't rain) I run and yucky days I think about running:-)