Friday, December 5, 2008

switched a pair of weekend races

originally, i had planned to run 2 races on sunday: a 3 miler in the morning (w/katie) and a 5 miler in the afternoon. but, the combination of katie having to miss the 3 miler, and learning, to my chagrin, that the drive to the 5 miler would be 2+ hours (each way), made me to rethink that race plan.

so, instead of those 2 races on sunday, i switched gears and went with a 5k on saturday, and the joe kleinerman 10k on sunday. i've run the kleinerman 10k numerous times. since it's a team race, there should be a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. but i haven't run the trumbull jingle bell jog in years (2003, or so, was the last time), so revisting that one should be fun.

also, there's word of a new (or resurrected, more precisely) 3 miler in darien, ct, later this month (12/21). when that race information in posted, i'll try to run that one w/katie - and make up for not doing the 3 miler this weekend.

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