Sunday, December 21, 2008

happy winter solstice!

today is the winters solstice! winter arrived a couple of days early, in fact, with a snow storm - decidedly unwelcome (imo) - on friday. a second less severe snow storm is upon us - albeit just flurries right now, before the sticky stuff arrives later today.

i'm not fond of winter, my least favorite season. but the winter solstice is definitely welcome, if only because it brings to an end the long stretch of shortened days. now, minute by minute daylight hours will start getting longer! strange consolation in the face of increasing cold temperatures and nastier weather conditions!

the nasty weather has postponed today's christmas t(h)ree miler until next week. phew, can't imagine driving over to new canaan in this mess. but running the 3 miler on snow covered trails might have been fun :D friday's snow storm resulted in a switch to a fun run for the ted corbitt 15k in central park.

i made up those missed miles with a long, meandering 10 miler here in my neighborhood. it consistent of a series of 2 mile loops/out and backs, until i reached my limit of running on slush, frozen snow, packed snow, loose snow, black ice and that rare stretch of just plain road at ten miles. i rewarded myself with beer and cheesecake!

same problem today, getting in those foregone race miles will be another mental battle. the road conditions are fine on the major roads, but lousy everywhere else - side streets and sidewalks. definitely a weekend to stay warm and dry inside (ah, but all that last minute shopping for the holidays)!

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