Friday, December 19, 2008

two races, a dozen miles this holiday weekend?

a new (or revived) race finds itself on the race calendar this weekend, the christmas t(h)ree miler. it was initially set for roads of darien, but now finds itself of the trails of waveny park in new canaan on sunday. instead of taking care of last minute christmas shopping, i'll be at a christmas themed race! how appropriate! but the weather grinch may be there too.

as we brace for the messy snow storm about to hit nyc and environs today, the ted corbitt 15k in central park tomorrow may be effected. if the road conditions are bad enough in the wake of the storm, the race may be switched to a fun run (so check nyrr site before heading in). i'm inclined to run either way - how else would i get in 9 miles if the conditions are that poor outside? funny, that sounds like the rationale rob and i had for doing the pete mcardle 15k in the rain last month - ha.

even so, saturday is the forecasted recovery (from the weather) day. another storm is expected to arrive on sunday. will it get here early enough to impact the 3 miler? will it be messy and last long enough to impact the giants-panthers game (unexpectedly moved to prime time) that night in the meadowlands? more wait and see. maybe i should take care of that last minute christmas shopping - online ;D

update: well, as feared, i bagged the trip into the city for the ted corbitt 15k because of the snowstorm.

update number two: snowstorm number two's well-timed arrival on the winter solstice, has led to postponement of the christmas t(h)ree miler until next saturday (12/27).

final update (hopefully): the christmas t(h)ree miler has been postponed a second time, until new year's day. it will take the place of the wilton resolution run!

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CTmarathoner said...

Sunday a.m. should be interesting!!!