Monday, December 8, 2008

giants nfc east champions - despite humbling 20-14 loss to eagles.

philly's westbrook does the celebrating for eagles - and giants, who back into the title thanks to dallas defeat.

as if to dramatize how the plaxico gunshot sideshow effected the giants - yesterday's crushing defeat at the hands of last place philadelphia says it all. the game was completely dominated by philadelphia - playing in giants stadium no less! the game was never as close as the score suggested. philly had possession for 35 minutes to the giants 25 minutes. even more of an embarrassment - after coughlin's halftime directive to make the most of the 3rd quarter (because of wind condition), the giants had only ONE, scoreless, possession in the quarter!

more embarrassment? the giants total game offense, 211 yards - was less than the total rushing yardage the giants put up in their last game against the eagles (219). more negative stats? manning, coming off a season high 305 passing yards last week, didn't complete 50% of his passes and only managed 123 passing yards for the game! depressing, demoralizing stats everywhere! and their seven game winning streak sputtered to an end :(

and what about antonio pierce - the non-shooter, pal of plaxico? he made two costly penalties in the second half. but the big ticket item was letting westbrook get behind him and catch a short pass from cunningham (omg! did i really write that - s/be mcnabb). that short pass became the philly's game winning 40 yard touchdown. is unfair to pin all that blame on piece?

is their any silver lining - aside from backing into the nfc east division championship? if it puts the plaxico business to rest after this humbling experience, then it will have been worth the embarrassment. look what happened after the giants were crushed by the browns on monday night football - a 7 game win streak emerged!


Pam said...

It was painful to watch. The Giants of old played yesterday. Lets hope the Giants of new come back this weekend!

peter said...

I don't think Cunningham has pitched a football for the Eagles for awhile. The Jints will be all right. No one can ever take away that magical escape and helmet catch of the last Supe Bowl. How about a Brett-Eli match-up?

rundangerously said...

omg - cunningham! yikes, talk about major brain freeze (either that or i got sucked into a time warp) :D

TeeJay said...

You're buying into the industry "vortex" my friend. The Giants did not BACK IN to the NFC East title. They WON it by winning 11 out of their first 12 games of the season. ;p

Now, let's look at my beloved Vikings, who are ahead by one game in the NFC North. If they lose their last three in a row, and the Bears and Packers do same, then maybe we can justly say that they backed in.

Anyway, forgive me for being a PITA. Just trying to keep ya thinking! :)