Tuesday, December 16, 2008

peter falk ("columbo") has alzheimer's disease

some really sad news has just been reported by the associated press. peter falk's daughter has filed a petition in los angeles county superior court seeking guardianship over her 81 year old father because he has alzheimer's disease.

it's a tragic development for the actor who played columbo, perhaps (imo) the greatest t.v. detective of all time. peter falk won 4 emmy awards for his portrayal of the seemingly clueless detective.

"just one more thing..." our prayers go out to peter falk and his family.

update: the associated press has reported that peter falk's wife has filed paper in opposition to the daughter's petition for guardianship. a hearing is scheduled for next month (february).

final update: in june, 2009, the court appointed peter falk's wife, shera, as his legal guardian.

book review: peter falk, "just one more thing: stories from my life"


DawnB said...

so sad, I loved columbo, God be with them

Zoooma!! said...

My dad's a big Columbo fan and I've enjoyed a lot of hours of "Oh, just one more question, ma'am."

If you can remember and have the chance, check out a Made-for-TV movie called A Town Without Christmas. Best found on The Hallmark Channel, Columbo, er, I mean Peter Falk is great in it and it's a touching little Christmas movie.

sooz said...

I`ve only just found out about poor Peter!!
I`ve loved EVERY episode of Columbo....

My best wishes go to him and his family.