Monday, December 1, 2008

giants beat redskins - again, 26-7 - despite plaxico burress sideshow

giants won yesterday, 26-7, beating the redskins for the second time this year. in a nod back to the season opener, the redskins were unable to put more than 7 points on the board. this was the giants 7th straight victory, upping their record to 11-1 (and maintaining a 3 game lead over second place dallas). with only 4 games left to the season, a giants victory over philly next week (or a dallas loss) will lock up the division title!

as for the game itself, the giants once again proved that a plaxico burress sideshow would not distract their focus. eli manning racked up his 1st 300+ yardage game of the year - pointedly done with a "superstar" receiver - to remain nameless - not suited up for the game! and that wasn't the only interesting stat of the game. the giants also had a lock on the clock as well - 35:44 minutes to washington's 24:16!

all this took place on a dreary weather - lots of wind and rain - day at jfk stadium. the giants weren't the least bit intimidated by the redskins' home field advantage. the lose dropped washington to third, and into a gnarly scramble for a wildcard slot. while still possible, it doesn't seem likely from yesterday's action on the field. washington, despite the losing the season opener to the giants, started off at 6-2. but at 7-5 today, the redskins have failed to build on it.

back to the giants, even on the heels of yesterday's victory - today (and most of the week) will see a news cycle dominated by coverage of plaxico burress and his gun woes. what a bummer.

UPDATE: plaxico burress surrendered at the 17th precinct this morning to face charge of criminal possession of a handgun.

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