Sunday, December 21, 2008

sam adams cranberry lambic and cheesecake

yesterday i rewarded myself for slogging thru 10 miles of snowy mush with a sam adams cranberry lambic and a huge slice of cheesecake. not the most intuitive combination of calories, probably an acquired taste, actually. but i guess it's not too different from dessert wines and after dinner sweets. needless to say, that combination packed a lot of calories!

the cranberry lambic was part of a sam adams winter classics 12 pack that i picked up at stew leonards last week. it's not a true lambic, but rather an american style fruit beer. i had a true lambic, a lindemans framboise (raspberry), a couple of months ago. regardless, the sam adams cranberry was great. i like fruit beers generally, and wheat beers specifically (allagash white jumps to mind), so it was a great treat.

the cheesecake was another decadent treat. it was actually the last slice from the cheesecake i won at the post-race raffle at last weekend's trrc couples relay. since i only ran 6 miles today, i'm lucky there's no more of that calorie rich dessert left. now i'll just have to make do with a slice of pie : D


CTmarathoner said...

no more cheesecake? that was eaten away quickly!!

Just_because_today said...

just the cheesecake, no Sam Adams for me, unless you have some wine laying around

DawnB said...

for some reason I think cheese cake goes with everything you can tell from my thighs :)