Wednesday, December 3, 2008

brooklyn half marathon blues - again?

the brooklyn half marathon is tentatively set for may 30 on the nyrr 2009 schedule. it was almost a case of the brooklyn half marathon blues all over again because i initially thought the date was on memorial day weekend! that would have put it up against the pineland farms 50 miler and/or the b.u.s. pioneer memorial 100m trek! but before the blues kicked in, a heads up from brooklyn running pointed out the date is actually the weekend after memorial day! phew, bullet dodged!

still, the brooklyn half just can't seem to catch a break from the nyrr's. this is the third straight year the race has been pushed back, back, and now even further back, from its traditional march date! last year it was slotted in the for the last week of april - only to be pushed into the first week of may. that last minute change worked for me - and i was able to run it. the year before, 2006, it was held the same weekend as the boston marathon. thanks to modern technology, the automobile, i ran it on saturday, then drove to boston and ran the marathon on monday.

it's gotten a lot tougher lately to line up for my favorite new york road runner race. the last few years, in reverse order: may (09, tentative), may (08), april (07), march (06), march (05), and april (04).... but, if at all possible - it will always be the one nyrr race (except for that holiest of holy races, the nyc marathon itself) that i won't miss!

hold the presses!! the brooklyn half marathon has mysteriously disappeared from the 2009 calendar (as of 2/6/09). are we getting a third case of the brooklyn half blues?

i'll post an update when the nyrr announce the new date.


Michael said...

I am wishing that they reverse the course. It would be great to finish by the ocean. No matter what the May 30th weather can be it will be nice enough to jump into the sea after 13.1 miles of running!

actor said...

Hi Mister Frank, long time no see. I've been teaching college out on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi this fall and only back for another month. Ran three mid-West and hilly halves this fall, although one they stopped at 10 miles because of the fury of the tail of that hurricane rotten stinking Hugo. I'm sortof wiped from racing, but just trudging along merely to keep in shape. But glad to see your ongoing hard work!!! keep it up. Latest movie tip if you haven't seen the German film, "The Lives of Others," which won Academy Award foreign film for 2006 I think. Best to ya!, Byquist

rundangerously said...


would love to finish it at coney island one year (but doubt nyrr would seriously do it). then it could end w/a jump in the water (like the fairfield half)!

hey, welcome back richard!
teaching down in mississippi sound pretty cool - even w/hugo effect.

hope you're around for wurtsboro (and up for running it) this winter!

haven't heard of the german flick, but will look it up. s/be able to get it from netflix.