Friday, March 14, 2008

brooklyn half marathon blues?!

i had already resigned myself to missing the brooklyn half marathon this year. when the nyrr published its 2008 schedule the new date directly conflicted with the sybil ludington 50k in carmel, ny, that i planned to run.

last year it was held the weekend of the boston marathon. as unpleasant a prospect it was to run both events, i did manage to pull it off. but this year there no way i could be at two different races at the same time. so i made the hard choice and decided to go with the 50k instead of the half. and that, was that - until, yesterday...

the nyrr posted an announcement on its site that the brooklyn half would be rescheduled - to as yet unannounced new date! hurray for me - and all those runners that couldn't run it as scheduled!! regardless of the new date, it was at the bare minimum, a second bite at the proverbial apple - or in brooklyn's case, a nathan's famous would be more apt. it was an especially cool development because it's been rumored - for better or worse - that the course would be changed (reversing direction from the traditional coney island start and finish in prospect park).

well, before anyone could catch a breath - i.e. within 24 hours - the nyrr pulled down the announcement and restored the original information page. not one mention of the earlier business about rescheduling the race. what gives?? was it all a hallucination??

normally i wouldn't lose any sleep, much less expend an iota of psychic energy over this. but considering the brooklyn half is one of my all time favorite races - and i won't even go there when it comes to moving it to april in the first place! - i just had to vent a little.

apologies in advance to those loving the originally schedule date!
afternoon update: now it seems that the plans to rescheduled the brooklyn half continue - but behind the scenes, according to a nyrr email mentioned on this thread .


AnthonyP said...

Scheduled, rescheduled...what gives with them ? If they do end up rescheduling it, I hope it doesn't conflict with Greenbelt.

I still can't get past the new seeded corrals thing that NYRR has been doing.

rundangerously said...

we couldn't miss greenbelt! nick would never let us live it down!!

Brooklyn Runner said...

It's May 3 (so it doesn't conflict with Greenbelt).

rundangerously said...

bklyn runner, thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. are you going to run the bklyn half?