Saturday, March 29, 2008

queens 60k update - rr and photos to follow

sunny, very windy conditions, for the race today. our original trio of emmy, rob, and me turned into a duo when rob got a flat tire this morning and had to miss the race.
i finished my first 60k in 5:46:38, a 9:18 pace. that was good enough for 6th place overall. but the really big news was emmy winning the women's race! her 5:47:49, a 9:20 pace, was not only a pr - but enough to claim first place!
phil mccarthy won the race in just under 4:19! he finished his 12th and final loop just as i finished my 9th loop.
last year, emmy, rob and i ran this identical course as part of the metropolitan 50 miler/kurt steiner 50k. rob ran the 50 miler, emmy and i ran the 50k. here is my race report for the 50k (ten loops). today's race was an additional 2 loops to reach the 37.3 mile distance.
my race report and photos for the 60k to follow.
check out emmy's blog, she already has up some great pictures!!


CTmarathoner said...

nice photos of the start -it's really a bummer that Rob got a flat:(
looking forward to your report!

AnthonyP said...

Awesome job. Sucks that Rob got the flat. I wish I would have been able to join you guys. I'm hitting Bear Mountain tomorrow at 7:00 AM. See you next weekend !