Monday, March 3, 2008

delayed onset muscle soreness

i had no plans to run today. but when i got home from work this afternoon it was 50 degrees and the sun was shining. so i had to seize the opportunity to run in "warm" weather - if only for one day, before the forecasted clouds and rain arrive tomorrow.

within minutes of getting home i had switched into shorts, a long-sleeved shirt, and my new balance fleece running vest. my ipod was ready to go w/a 1978 dead winterland show and i kicked off the run with "ramble on rose." i guess this would be called a recovery run - to get technical.

normally, after a hard effort (race or training) i can slip in another day of running because of delayed onset muscle soreness. i won't feel the effects of the hard effort until the second day. not that the easy four miles i planned to run would be overly taxing, but i had no desire to push my luck - i just wanted to get outside and run in this surprisingly nice weather.

the first mile was a lot slower than i expected it to be. but as "ramble on rose," transitioned to "good lovin," i fell into my old groove and the miles became easier. soon enough the opening chords to "terrapin station" came on and i decided to keep going for another couple of miles. "playing in the band" accompanied me for the last two miles home and i ended the run, no worse for the wear, with 6 miles.

tomorrow i'll deal w/my dead legs and that inevitable delayed soreness!

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AnthonyP said...

Isn't this weather great...too bad it will be short lived. I hear we are going to get a lot of rain starting tonight.

I hit the road in shorts for a 3-miler today, just to get back out.