Wednesday, March 26, 2008

brooklyn bridge park

wow, after having lived in brooklyn heights for the better part of ten years, and that's not counting the years i spent attending law school in the heights, before we moved north to westchester, i am amazed to see this incredible project finally get off the ground.

for better or worse, construction (or maybe controlled destruction) got underway last week. the ny times ran the story on page one of the metro section on monday. it included a photo of the one lone crane as it undertook the initial demolition under steel grey cloud cover. it also mentioned local opposition to the project - some which is critical of the open space idea of the project (not enough commercial use), while others are critical of the residential condominiums set to anchor the north and south ends of the project.

ny1, the local cable news station, also covered the story, and includes a video clip of the broadcast on its site. the video is worth checking out, if just for the views of the site! even more coverage, and additional photos, can be found at the gothamist site. brooklyn bridge park has it's own, "official" site that provides images of what the completed space will look like when it's eventually opened to the public.

after years and years of talk (and some would add, inaction), i'm excited to see the project finally underway. while there are plenty of aspects to be critical about, in the final analysis i think it's going to become yet one more great reason to walk over the bridge and visit brooklyn!

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CTmarathoner said...

wow --that Brooklyn Bridge park is just going to be great. I had the best time walking over the bridge in Dec with boy scouts and now when it gets finished a reason to walk there with the kids. Amazing what they do in this city.